Molds For Injection Stretch Blow Machines & Blow Molding Machines

Equipment Overview

We are Professionals in making Moulds for One-Step ISB machines, Product research and development, especially in supporting Molds for Nissei ASB, Aoki and other foreign brands machines, besides Molds for our own GongZheng Machines. Our customers are mainly in the field of beverages, PP infusion bottles, PP & PET pharmaceutical packaging, high-end cosmetics etc. We have served the Danone Group, Shuang He Pharmaceutical, Shijiazhuang No.4 Pharmaceutical, Anhui Global Pharmaceutical, Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Southern Packaging Group to name few and similar large organizations.

Hot Runner Injection Mold

1. Molds with individual cavity temperature controllers, Injection Mold Sets, with S136 high-strength mold stainless steel, Mold parts made from Japanese imported steel, using same and similar alloys as by the native manufacturers, surface nitriding treatments with surface hardness of HRC60 or higher as required.
2. Mold Temperature control using separate and precise PID uninterruptible power controller, easy to adjust the main channel and the meridian of each cavity temperature, to ensure that the hot runner temperature is very accurate and stable.
3. Mold production using standardized systems, where all parts can be interchangeable.
4. Injection Molds are finished to perfection before finalization, the surface is polished to the mirror, this results for production of preforms without spots, no white spots, no flashes and no strings, smooth surface & high transparency.
5. We incorporate heating ring made by the Italian company for Valve-type molds, the valve needle with Japanese KD-61 steel & Neck part with beryllium copper imported from the United States.
6. The production of molds is with very precise tolerance, eccentricity of the preform is controlled within 0.13mm and the weight tolerance is within ± 1%.
7. Mold Life: All the care in manufacturing results for high quality molds so as to ensure that millions of shots can be easily achieved without having any loss of quality.