One Step Three Station Injection Blow Molding Machine

Equipment Overview


The THII series is fully Automatic & One-Step Machine. This is an Injection Blow Molding Machine in vertical form factor. The advantage being, it can easily make thick wall containers of larger volumes with very low cycle times, keeping uniform wall thickness. It is widely used for the manufacture of TRITAN, PET, PC and PP. It is used mostly for the manufacture of sports bottle and LED bulb cover which requires high yield and faster cycles. It includes Injection, Stretch & Blow and Product drop out, three functions.

Main Features

1. The locking mechanism is highly functional for vertical clamps and the top clamping force is more stable to create bigger sized bottles and heavier applications in the IBM process.
2. Using the residual heat after Preforms are Injection Molded and replacing embryos preform packaging, storage, reheating and other tedious processes and saving unnecessary costs.
3. Less footprint space, simple operations and easy controls, high degree of automation, low human resource involvement.
4. Particularly suitable for the production of applications like Sports bottles, LED shade (high yield, invisible parting line)
5. Due to compact structure, the process greatly shortens the production cycle and improves production efficiency.
6. The replacement of the mold time is amazingly faster, which saves large time & energy, making the complete changeover very efficient.

Mechanical Principle