About our Business

M/s Midas AltaTech LLP is a specialized group, formed as Joint Venture in India for the production of Plastic Packaging Machinery & Equipment. The JV consists of M/s Midas AltaTech LLP, an Indian company having promoters with 3 decades of polymer experience, in partnership with a leading ISBM Manufacturer from China, GongZheng, with two decades of experience for manufacturing of machines & moulds.
GongZheng has always aimed at the world’s most advanced technology of plastic machineries, which has been introduced by technology experts of Plastic Machinery manufacturers from Germany, Italy, Japan and France. GongZheng has developed One-step Injection Stretch Blow Molding machines, a new generation of Rotary & Linear Stretch Blow Molding Machine and provides complete turnkey solutions, which are targeting environmental protection and energy-saving as a support to the world community. The company GongZheng in China has applied for about 30 patents until now.


News And Updates

GongZheng Core Technology : infusion bottle ring integration


 The integration of bottle ring means that the PP infusion bottle and the bottom pull ring are simultaneously formed on the blowing device, and it is not necessary to separately put into the ring mold and secondary welding process.
 We are the only company in the world that can manufacture one step bottle ring integrated molds. Chinese infusion giants - Kelunm Shijiazhuang Sijim Anhui Shauange, Gaungdong Daxie, Anhui Global, Lu'an Huayuan, Xi'an Recreation, Shijiao Yinhu and other companies are using our one-step infusion bottle moulds and equipment

Customer Visit during Exhibition


 Our one-step injection and blowing equipment is superior. During the exhibition, many domestic and foreign customers requested to visit our equipment production site. We met the neeeds of out customers one by one and let them know the real operation status of our equipement in the first time.

PP Milk Product Bottle Production Equipment GZ-D750-FSIII


 During the exhibition, the production equipment displayed by oour companu attracted many customers, especially the representative PP infusion bottle production equipement. The large one-spet injection pumping equipement (GZ-750-FSIII) is the world's first double mold driven high speed blow molding machine which can simultaneaously produce to the specification of products. Taking the 100ml PP infusion bottle as an example, the prodctioon capacity is 9600 bottles/hour. At present, this production has been ordered by several well know ;arge pharmaceutical companies at jome and abroad such Shjiazhuang Sijia and Japan parmaceutical Group.

Midas Gongzheng Participated in the 2019 Chinaplas Exhibition


  The exhibition is the largest rubber and plastics axhibition in Asiam The exhibition brings together3,500+ exhibitors from home and abroad, together with 11 countries and regions such as Germanym Austriyam Italy, Switzerland and the United States. The Exhibition taks "Intelligent Manufacturing, High-Tech Materials, Enviromental Protection and Recyclable Solutions" as the three major directions, and creates an unprecedented industrial technology event for the global rubber and plastics industry chain enterprises.